• China CHN-TOP SCI&TECH CO., LTD. company profile
  • China CHN-TOP SCI&TECH CO., LTD. company profile
  • China CHN-TOP SCI&TECH CO., LTD. company profile
  • China CHN-TOP SCI&TECH CO., LTD. company profile
  • China CHN-TOP SCI&TECH CO., LTD. company profile
  • China CHN-TOP SCI&TECH CO., LTD. company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Agent, Importer, Exporter
Brands CHN-TOP
No. of Employees 100~120
Annual Sales 3000000-5000000
Year Established 2003
Export p.c 50% - 60%


Originally founded by graduates from Tshinghua university, and we was belong to Tshinghua universtity as a R&D . At 2003, CHN-TOP become a independent company which focus on diamond tools(PCD, PCBN,MD,ND,CVD) industries, produce high precision process equipments.(PCD PCBN tools grinders, vacuum brazing machines, laser cutting machines, chip breaker machines);We offer pre-machining services(PCD/PCBN laser cutting, tools brazing, chip breaker engraving, lapping and polishing,etc.), and distribute world famous PCD and PCBN blanks;Also supply professional consultation and advanced technical services, we are your only one stop shop in the field of ultra-hard materials processing with good reputation in global market. Our business scope is :

  • CNC and manual grinders for PCD/PCBN milling, reaming, turning and drilling tools ,etc.
  • High precision laser cutting machine for PCD/PCBN/Ceramic and some other valuable materials
  • Special laser engraving machines for chip breaker and positioned hole
  • Automatic vacuum brazing machine and paste, widely used in PCD/PCBN/CVD/Cardbide, etc.
  • Offer diamond cutting tools' pre-machining: laser cutting, carbide notching, brazing, chip breaker
  • Ultra-hard material machinining: lampping, grinding and polishing, etc.
  • Provide high quality PCD/PCBN blanks and distribute world famous brand materials.

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CHN-TOP with more than 20 years at ultra-hard material industry. We are a small 

rearch insitute which belong to Tshinghua university. and foucs on ultr-hard material rearch.

At the same year, we know the world GE PCD blank and try to introduce to Chinese market.

At 1997, CHN-TOP estaablished as a limited company and there is a special department 

focus on ultra-hard material developing, machining service.

In 2003, Independent from CHN-TOP group and named CHN-TOP SCI&TECH 

In 2014, ChangSha Branch established, specialized in diamond tools machining service

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CHN-TOP is a company which offer comprehensive solutions for diamond tools' making

Our business scope is :

1.CNC/Manual tool grinding machine for PCD PCBN tools

2. Vacuum brazing machine for PCD, PCBN, Carbide, CVD,MD, ND tools

3. Laser cutting machine for PCD, PCBN blank

4. Chip breaker machine for PCD PCBN tools

5. Distribution world famous PCD PCBN Blanks, produce high quality PCD material

6. Machining servide for laser cutting , polishing , brazing, chip braker service

7.Accessoris for diamond tools making

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Our Team

Over 20 years developing, now CHN-TOP become the leadering company of PCD PCBN diamond tools industries. 

There are 9 departments and service for all of World customers.

HR Resource--always keep find the suitable workers

Account Department--Control the financial risk and release the payment terms for trust customers

Inspection- One of the important department, assure each products are qualified 

Production-The strong machnica and eletronic workers team and all of them over 5 years experience

Sourcing -A service team to help you get some accessories, such as brazing paste , coating wax

Oversea sales-With the expericed team to service the customer at worldwide


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